zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

May 25. 2008 wild GB pic of Miss Zoe your fuck

goddess and Adonna in a San Jose gang bang.  My thoughts:   lately it has been very intense what our planet is going through right now.  In the Santa Cruz mountains the fires was raging, the smell of smoke was all up the coast.  My cat Fuzzy smelled the smoke up on my roof  went inside and hide.  Cats know when our planet is raging with disturbance.  2 days ago I felt this disturbance in the force and it was weird what I did.  Sometimes I am my own worse enemy.  Do you feel stupid?  HA HA HA .....I need to get another external hard dirve to free up space on another computer so the drive C can be defraged.  So doing stupid, I took out dreamweaver from the C dirve putting it in D drive WHICH DOES NOT work.  Then I had to reload dreamweaver, searched for the serial number, and finally found it.  I got every-thing back into place but still need a external drive.  Grrrr.......the woes of a self taught lets do stupid girl webmistress..........eeK!  Miss Zoe

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