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Blackmailed by Nylons

Zoe Zane aka Diva Diamond San Jose CA USA was a phone sex girl before pro dom.  She talked about blackmail a lot on the phone sex line.  Now she have a big boss man in HER life that has been blackmailed by a controlling female.  He confides and confession to Zoe weekly.  Florida VIP hotel:  Miss Control trashed a VIP suite peeing all over the place. It was put on film and the Blackmailed Boss Man had to pay for all the damages (new bed, furniture, etc).  Miss Control don't give a damn what she does to his pocket book.

It all started when he was caught looking up her skirt.  Miss Control has him on film jerking to a phone sex dom.  If he steps out of line she shows his entire family how she blackmailed him.  Total humiliation to the max!
Tags: zoe zane blackmail
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