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Hello, my Zoe!

How are You? I am fine, but I am very HOT4U... sending You one of my crazy midsummer dream? Please, my Zoe...

I love it when You pose on Southern Charms. I love it that You know how sexy You are, my Zoe... I love it, Your fantasies make You so wet and wanting You to blow me. I move between Your thighs and kiss Your hairy pussy. I smell Your excitement ....so sexy, so eager. I plant kisses and lick Your furrow. The hairs tickle my nose. Your curls hold the scents of You. I search for Your special place and touch it makimg Your belly jump, Your heart sings. "Yesss, yesss!  There, just there . . oohh" You scream, my Zoe... I love Your nubbin and hold Your thighs. Your hips buck. You press and retreat and I follow You relentless. I want You to feel ALL sensations. Your thighs shake and You hold my head. Then You stiffen and collapse. I move back watching Your pussy spasm. I place a fingertip on Your rosebud, it's quivering. Then I move up Your body kissing You and tasting You .....teases your nipples. My throbbing cock finds your hot wet center of You and I push. Adjusting, I push more and sink deep into You. I move back and in again. . . then again. . . my turn now .....I fill You... cum with me, my Zoe!  Oh yes you feel so good.  You are make me crazy, my Zoe!

With hot hugs and kissses - Your's G.

Tags: zoe zane porn star fantasy
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