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Yes, I've starrred in hundreds of porn movies.  I was contracted by mature porn star Kitty Foxx Las Vegas Kitty Foxx Productions (Aged to Perfection Movies) etc.  In Las Vegas, I was hired by another website.  Not a good experience and never saw the movie.  The video was extreme hardcore by a bad boy.  Very offensive, and turned me off to LA porn.  Good I ripped off the condom and had to go pee.  In the bathroom, I decided to tell the 3 men what I thought of there porn.  Back on the set, told them I had to get a new outfit.  Walked outside, grabbed the boyfriend, walked back to the set.  I flipped them off called them all motherfucker rapists.  I DID NOT GET PAID!   I'm sure the guys who put this together wanted to see what they could get away with.  They wanted to watch women get raped.  FUCK YOU BITCHES.  This is when I decided to produce my own stuff even if it was amateur.  I hooked up with amateur Internet models, I made the right move.  2003 Internet amateur sites were taking off.

2017 and so much porn on the Net.  Guys are jerking off to this and that, THINKING that porn movies are what women want for sex.  WRONG!   Overall, porn stimulates the mind and gets you off.  It's not great sex with a live human being.  Porn is a show.  It's not real.  When guys see male porn stars sledge hammering their dicks in a pussy and try to do this in real life sex, it's NOT going to work in their favor.  You can't use your dick like a jack hammer in a open hole.  Your dick is NOT a weapon.  Your dick and you must understand when entering a pussy, that pussy needs to feel the pleasure too.  It's not all about what you want.  It's about what she wants.  You need to get her fluffy like a marshmallow.  You know, creamy, yummy and sweet.  Get her juices flowing .....

Watching porn, let's escape to a massive world of fantasies.  Your mind can do anything it wants without another person.  You can even fantasy about things that turn you on and not be present with another person.  My fantasy is this:  I'm doing a gang bang with 25 men and the last guy is over 12 inches.  Fucking 25 men hardcore and THEN a huge dick is not real.  Get it?

Guys need to see the female like she's ROSE pedals, if pushed the wrong way they get crushed.  You can't mow down the bush and both be satisfied.  You gotta warm the bun and find out what makes her melt.  Maybe what makes her melt is you picking your clothes off the floor OR ........feeding her chocolate ice cream.  How about listening to what is important to her.

Try this:  ask gentle questions, do you like how this feels?  Make sure your hands are clean, smooth and nails filed smooth.  If she likes it, you're moving in the right direction.  Soft touch is the best approach and take her lead.  If she pulls away from you, that's a NO!  If she moves into you, that's a YES!  Guys who want to satisfy the female first will be much more successful in sex.  Guys who demand this and that will find themselves lost and frustrated.  You can't kick a dog and expect the dog to be a happy camper.  It runs away and hides.  Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane

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