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Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, 7:45 AM

Hi Zoe,
Life has been busy here. Here are a bunch of questions. answer the ones you want, change any you want, or even add some of your own. usually 10 is good for our articles.
1. How did you like your Stern Show experience?
I was "off the wall" nervous for six weeks before the show.  My power coach told me to tell myself that Howard Stern loves me.  Howard fell in love with me on his show.  The show was awesome.  HS rocks!  I had a great time making the entire crew laugh.  Oh, and some of Howard's featured guests got a gud laugh too.
2. Any behind the scenes stories you can share with the fans?
Before the HS Show, I made my grand entrance to the Xxxotica Adult Convention in New Jersey.  I farted on a piece of carrot cake and wanted to give it to Ron Jeremy.  I ran into Ron, but I forgot the cake. eek!  Next day, I found his double Ross Jeremy and gave him the cake.  The video clip is on my you tube site "zoezanecom". 
3. Who is your favorite on the show? Anyone you don't like ? Why?
My favorite person is Robin.  I saw her getting coffee with a huge smile in the hallway.  I feel in love with Robin right away.  What a beautiful woman.  She has the best smile.  When Howard interviewed me, there was this fat guy way in the back that made this lame attempt to slam me.  I blew him off.  Before the show, I saw him in the hallway, and did not like him.  I'm really good at picking up on a person's energy, their Aurora.  The fat guy's energy sucked.  I do not know his name and do not want to know it!  I would fart on him!  HA HA HA
4. Do you have Sirius and listen to the show? Do you have Howard TV?
Yes, I have both.
5. There have been many male farters on the show but very few women. how long have you been able to fart at will? I have many men who like me to fart on them as my fetish slaves.  I have been farting on men for 5 years.
6. Who came up with the farting on the cake idea?
My manager Mr. S.  He is the orginal cake farts producer and director.
7. Do you do this act anywhere? Have you had any accidents?
I can fart anywhere.  No accidents.
8. How long have you been doing porn?
Over 10 years
9. What is the worst thing to ever happen during a porn scene?
I was raped during this Las Vegas porn shoot.  It will be in my book that I am writing.
10. What new projects are you working on now? My book that will be out in 2009.  On my live cam broadcast, I talk dirty with random cam viewers on my private speaker phone.  New video projects are cake farts by the waitress, maid and airline attendent.
11. Would you like to go back on the show? Yes yes yes!
Howard invited me back to his show.  My hair dresser's hubby listens to the show and told her that there were many callers wanting me back on the show.  I will go back on the show within the next year.
12. I think you could claim yourself the queen of farts and challenge all lady farters on the show. would that be something you would be interested in?
Oh yes, that would be wild.  Call me, "The Queen of Cake Farts".  Then the ladies can get mad at each other and throw cake in each others faces.  HA HA HA!
13. Will the farter has done porn. would you be interested in doing something with him on film? I think a fart filled 69 scene would be cool. HA HA HA too funny. I would have to wear a gas mask if Will farted!  Oh, God save me.
14. Do you have anything to say to Howard, his fans, or your fans in this article.
I adore Howard Stern, Robin and all the younger guys. Thank you so much Howard for your rocking attitudes.  I love Howard and he loves me.  Howard and I have so much in common, we are shock freaks.  Too all the fans, big huge hugs, smiles, kisses and smooches.  They laughed with me and saw my zany sense of humor.  It was so glorious to make millions laugh out loud over cake farts and throwing cream pies.  Cake farts are vogue.  I want to thank my psychic Moon AynjL who guided me to New York and my manger Mr. S. who got me on the show.  Waves of love, Zoe Zane
something like that.
Thank you Doc for this interview on your site.  When you have it posted let me know and I will fax my signature to you ASAP.  Huggies Zoe Zane
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