zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Text errors on weekly update on Southern CHarms


You will see silly stupid incorrect text errors on my SC site on and off.  I do make an effort to make corrections but it is difficult to redo those text errors since the updates are posted by the SC staff. I can not make text correction just like that.  Also SC has many rules for all the SC sites bc the owner is the publisher and he is liable for content on his site. 
So knowing this remember that Zoe Zane makes mistakes and you will see them from time to time.  BURB.  I have tried to send in the corrections but SC staff is busy with all those those 700 plus SC sites updates. eeK!!!

zoe zane zoblog

I wish i was a genie with magical powez that could make those corrections on SC j-ust lik THAT!!! Walaaaaaaaaaaa poof spat bing......


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