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Yes.... I've produced porn and a female entertainer.  For a very long time, I built my porn career on getting pounded to please LA porn producers.  After becoming a 3rd Level Tantra Instructor my whole idea about sex shifted.  As a female entertainer, I've heard hundreds of sex workers complain about locked in logic minds.  Internet porn has created a false energy field, this kind of sex is good sex.  It has come to my attention what happens to a male who's an obsessed porn watcher.  Over a period of time, watching porn over-stimulates the nerve endings in the brain.  You become a de·sen·si·tized human being.  Does your porn watching not work for you anymore and you go to the next level for stimulation?  On top of this you might not be able to communicate with the opposite sex.  Your secret porn watching doesn't work anymore and decide to see a real person.  When you see a real person, that porn is running your brain.  The interaction with a real person might not work as expected.  Since you've watched a lot of porn, you think you'll be good in bed.  Not true.  I've witnessed as a entertainer that many have a difficult time talking about sex to anyone.   And shoving emotions aside does not help your sex life.

NOTED:  you're with a real person in sex and you jack hammer her pussy like porn.  Something your dick needs to think about, as a dick I am not a weapon.  Pounding a pussy, like slam it in right at the start gate, does not make a real person happy.  Your dick is not a tool pounding away in a cave.  Women are flowers and need to be gently opened.  In tantra groups, I've seen grown men cry asking for forgiveness how they used their dicks like a weapon. 

Zoe Zane

My thoughts are a work in progress and might be edited.  I flipped this out this morning

Edited 3:20 PM PST Saturday 2018

Edited 7:18 PM PST

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