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up here, that is way above mars etc.. we all know what you signed up for elon musk and doing just that.  just a quick note in remembrance of nikola tesla whose only mission, his inventions.  you are nikola tesla in this life time and in the end the "power boys" crushed nikola tesla, so elon musk be smarter than THEM in this life time and make sure you keep the most important invention "your body mind and spirit" wealthy healthy and happy ---and for your information this message came from the female energy of god (if you'rre spazzing out go ahead and do that and wreck havoc with your body, we all have free will)

another note of importance:  a girl in the land of utah saved her money and is not in the field of the wealthy rich people, she is now driving her model 3 tesla of empowerment, this one girl has gone unnoticed till she drover her tesla down the freeway and men gawking at her car.  anyone who is with her in that amazing tesla model 3 is waving and laughing at the costco gas stations.  when she super charges her tesla she has put herself in a different energy field for a new way of life

elon please remember that girls like this are leading the way just like you elon.  so keep your shit together for humans on the planet who lead the way for a new earth, a new planet, a new way of living


Tags: god tesla
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