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The butt implant holocaust by Queen Madonna has cause a negative tornado towards women.  Fuel
it up, what the heaven was Madonna thinking for fake butt .....that was so fine 2015 in the first place?  She's out of her mind.

For years my PTSD Dad, the cult for "NOT WHO I AM" and last boyfriend had a hay-day with with Zoe's good looks.  Dad made sure she'd never see the beautiful of herself with his negative rants at the dinner table.  His hate for women piled high in her brain.  What is it Madonna?  Do you hate her butt, don't give a rat's ass about nothing but press attention, OR you see the future for trendy, butt implants?  Bragging Madonna, they will never forget my huge influence and impact on Earth.  Yes, we will and it has turned bad.  All your twitter hate has come Maodonna's way and prayers won't help.  It's your creation, Madonna.

The Madonna negative comments for butt plants triggered all the years, ZOE'S childhood for body shame.  That ....SHE was ugly for being a girl.  Madonna thinks she's doing women a big favor standing up to misgogny.  NO!!!  Your "Respect Yourself", it's a big lie, you don't care.  The years pushing the edges have turned bad.  The 2019 butt press of Madonna will only make it worse for female adult entertainers.  So thank you, no thank you Madonna.  In a few days, you created more hate for women than my Dad did in his life time.  So don't speak, BEHAVE YOURSELF, be the woman of your word "RESPECT YOURSELF".

I'm making the best of a bad situation:  my only injections are coffee!  HA HA HA

Mature Porn Star Zoe Zane
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