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Past diary from another blog March 16, 2005

I got this email from the another blog site that they might cancel my free account so I jumped over her to be safe.

Thursday, 16. March 2006 I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By maturezoezane, 05:15
It was a very dark story but I loved it. Gary Oldman and Ralph Fiennes were some of the actors. I think Ralph was the evil, bad guy that was brought back, and Harry slammed with his wand. I love Ralph he has such a range. He can be so sexy and so evil. What a man! zoblogs

Tuesday, 14. March 2006 Need a 22-26 WHITE male for video
By maturezoezane, 16:35
You do not have to show your face in the video. I am producing a Taboo series for my site. I have requests for it all the time. Send naked pic to this email opforfree@yahoo.com

I am out hunting
By maturezoezane, 21:27
for curlers that have gone wild for my cam show tomorrow moring. I am thinking about making it free once a month every other month. Watch out camz!

Thursday, 09. March 2006 I fucked a hacker
By maturezoezane, 21:36
He was suspended to use any computer forever, was Gov watched, BUT now has a job to make sure hackers do not slam the big company he works for. Hackers will hack in just to get a job from companies like HP. Smart! Zo

Hacker convicted
By maturezoezane, 21:33


I just want to be the prison guard that fucks him in the ass with my strap on.
Hey these guys are very clever. I also what them on my web team after I make them love getting fucked in the ass by ME! I had over 2million hits for several days from porn hackers last year. ZOblog

Yo! I am looking for something BIG.
By maturezoezane, 21:20

If you have a huge cock send me a pic. Please be local in No. California. I want to do vid with ya. Yo baby, Zoe


Monday, 06. March 2006 Ouchie!
By maturezoezane, 03:22
I slammed my big toe on the floor boards dancing on my stripper pole tonight. Bleed all over the place. Need tennis shoes or tape those boards together.... damn floor.

Wednesday, 01. March 2006 Monday night yoga
By maturezoezane, 03:39

I did it and this fat lady next to me let a big fart. Awful!


check this pic for a green fart baby

Friday, 24. February 2006 IFriends and Zoe
By maturezoezane, 04:46

Come on over and see me in my dirty wild nasty live cam shows. Your dirty slut girl Zoe Zane


Monday, 20. February 2006 Weekly Update 02.19.06
By maturezoezane, 04:22

DDana and I love to party anywhere. I like to get her drunk so I can make her do anything I want. More pics will be on the way in the next few months. She is very tall busty and wild.

I went to Bikram Yoga tonight and I did it. I did it. It is very hard to do and I did it.


Sunday, 19. February 2006 Sunday Sax
By maturezoezane, 22:33
Today was a win win for all. I got my kinky shoots done where I push my ass out and stomp balloons with my bare feet. Then Will Tal came over and it was so much fun. We played chessand I was the distraction and we both got laid. I have some hot sunglass pics with his cum on them. Way to go Tal, love Zoe P.S. Cyber the camerman loves to watch me fuck other guys.

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Saturday, 18. February 2006 My live cam show Saturday< Feb. 18. 2006
By maturezoezane, 23:33

I was Miss Hollywood and spitting all over myself. I shoved 3 fingers in my dirty ass hole. Do you like hot women to talk dirty to ya? I am very brasen with my filthy talk. You slutty whore boy jack off all over your wicked mom bitch! Like that! Whatever, I was a phone sex girl for over 7 years and had a lot of practice and I am the BEST. PHONE. SAX. EVER.

My life it getting back to my normal routine. It has been upside down lately for me. I do like the stablity of my rountine.


Wednesday, 15. February 2006 What do I do?
By maturezoezane, 18:38
I help people to feel alive and great again so they can conquer their work. I make them feel like a real man or a real woman. Remeber that you do count and you do make a difference in this world of ours. I make a difference, you make a difference. Out world needs more joy, happiness and more postive love and fun. THAT IS WHAT I DO!

Tuesday, 14. February 2006 Be MINE
By maturezoezane, 18:01
Kisses and smooches for Zoe Zane

Past blogs on my news page
By maturezoezane, 16:57


My blogs for past three years

enjoy zoe zane

Thursday, 02. February 2006 MILFS & GRAMS GONE WILD IN AMERICA
By maturezoezane, 18:44

go to www.zoezane.com

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Monday, 09. January 2006 Laughing in Orgasm
By maturezoezane, 17:36
If your partner is laughing after orgasm the tendency is to think they are laughing at you. You THINK your love making is crappy or your are stupid. Something like that, BUT your partner is expressing a higher level of energy of joy. SO when they laugh know you helped release more joyful healthy endorphins benefiting a healthier body, mind and soul. Studies have shown that laughter brings great joy to the cell tissues on a molecular level. Look at your self as a great lover or better yet as a fun sexy lover. A lot of females love men with a sense of humor. If she does not like to laugh then maybe you better find a new female to play with. Like minds attract like minds. Find someone who loves your korny sense of humor and love each other. It is very powerful to play, to laugh and to love each other. Just like little kids at the park running around singing and loving the sunshine. Zoe Zane aka Doctor Fun Love

Thursday, 29. December 2005 Take a stand for love and sax
By maturezoezane, 18:05

When the sax in the USA is moving to more violence I say NO! Why? Are we that angry to make our love hurt? When we watch violent porn it makes for more violent porn. I say NO MORE. I have teamed up with Music Star www.gunthernet.com from Sweden for more funny, saxy crazy, hilarious love. I am Doctor Fun Love aka Zoe Zane P/S. Letz inject more fun into ourselves, into our love and our sax!

A bit of past history: When the porn movie "Deep Throat came out it made millions of dollars. The government would raid and shut down porn/movie houses. The negative publicity just made more people want to see it. It moved from city to city making millions of dollars. Hollywood want to get in on the millions so they produced violent pornography. Today we think it is normal to see anything violent. Therefore, as of 2005 our porn is getting more and more violent. Many of our main stream movies are violent and that is no big deal. But it is a big deal to see people making love with their sex on screen.
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