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Theatening Email Sent

Scheduling question.....

  • No Mask for Death <nogolddiggers247@gmail.com>
    Mon, Jun 14 at 1:34 AM

    Do not mask or even test for this hoax, but never, ever
    vaccinate...Its the biblical "Mark of the Beast"! Only the vaccinated
    get sick and/or die. Masks suppress your immune systems, then you get
    sick.  These aren't side effects, they are planned outcomes, brought
    to you by the same Satanic governments that planned 9/11, all the
    staged mass killings with crisis actors, the AIDs hoax etc-etc and so
    Look up the Tuskegee experiment, where the US government injected
    men with syphilis from 1932 to 1972.  The vaccines and free
    treatments bring the sickness, disease, and death!
    Masks are useless and dangerous (Bacteria growth and toxic levels of
    Co2). There are no mask laws anywhere in the USA, just mandates
    (suggestions) from your corrupt Governors.
    Viruses are not a living organism, so they cannot be contagious.  A
    virus must be injected, like in a vaccine!!
    Viruses can only occur in a living cell (The cells natural defense to
    cleanse the cell of toxins).  Viruses cannot occur in the outside
    environment, unless manufactured for an injection
    The human body needs to create viruses to fight systemic toxicity
    The level of toxicity produces more symptoms and sickness.  More
    symptoms occur to cleanse the body.  Man-made artificial sources cause
    symptoms and toxicity; Such as fear and stress (Masks, mandates, TV,
    government propaganda, and poisonous vaccines (ALL vaccines)
    A virus must be injected, besides the vaccine contains aborted fetus
    cells, changes your God recognized DNA, and nano-technology (Digital
    currency)!  All that amounts to the Biblical "Mark of the Beast"!
    Nanites in your bloodstream make any part of your body scanable, and
    not just the right hand or forehead. The bioluminescence component of
    that digital vaccine and tattoo system contains LUCIFER-EASE!! The
    Nanites can be activate by an electronic source such as an individual
    pulse or mass WiFi/5g
    A 99.9% survival rate proves the hoax.  Every hear of Bill Gates free
    stuffed toy (shaped like the coronavirus)? Bill gave away the toy that
    mocked everyone at the Event 201 Convention and around the World!  It
    was the convention that planned the covid scam-demic in October of
    Seeking the truth is seeking Jesus! What does seeking a lie get you?

    This email has been sent to the FBI for death threats and lies.

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