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Zoe you are sick weird wacked out freaky chick

WTF is wrong with people?! lol

Every week I listen to the Woody Show and one of their segments is "sexy time fun facts", which is generally hilarious, bizarre, informative, etc. This week happened to be a discussion of weird things that turn you on, borderline fetishes. The inspiration of the discussion was a video on the web (what a shock) of what is known as "cake farting." Yes you guessed it! Cake Farting!...for fuck sake...are you serious???!!! there is a fetish known as Cake farting...someone getting aroused or getting off even from the act of seeing a person flatulate on a fucking cake/ birthday cake with candles or actually doing it themselves...what the fuck is wrong with people???!!! How is that a turn on? is it the mere act of dominating a helpless baked good and seeing ur gas make waves in the icing...like...are you serious?!?! here we are trying to fight global warming when we should be trying to figure out what the hell is happening to our society...if we begin engaging in non-sexual cuddle parties (lame!), and cake farting!...think about it...the guy/girl in the cubicle next to you...person in front of you in the mcdonalds line, or the police officer giving you your speeding ticket...might secretly enjoy farting on cakes for sexual arousal...lol quite the mind fuck isnt it?! lol...i was laughing my ass off while at the same time leaning my head to the side in befuddlement...i have my sexual fantasies as im sure everyone does but it does NOT include baked goods...well...not farting on them!...maybe eating them off of somebody ...but not blowing a fart on it...what a bunch of freaks and crackpots...sad thing is the girl in the video (yes i saw it out of pure curiosity) was cute...she didnt look odd or emo...just...happened to secretly like blowing gas on baked goods...not only that but sitting on it and rubbing her ass in icing...wtf...omg this is sooo weird...i cant say what the weirdest one is because its all relative but the woody show guys found some sources that listed a bunch of different things and fetishes...some of these are fucking weird...like wearing high heels and stepping on potato chips (fucking hawt i say!) lol...vomiting or defacating on people...the color purple even or any other color...stepping on bugs...burning ur body parts (well like holding a flame near u)...pooring hot wax on urself or whatever...people are fucking goofy!...no wonder our education system is in the shitter...this country is full of wackaloons! im glad to say that im quite normal and do not get off on any of these weird ass fetishes and ideas...i know...maybe a bit boring...but at least i wont blow ass on ur birthday cake if i get invited to the party...lol...fucking people are weird!...get a life...and leave the goddam cake alone!...goat bastads!
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MY Comments to Mr. Normal----

To R comments Mr Normal about cake farting from shock fetish comedian Zoe Zane.  I guess Howard Stern must think Zoe Zane, that is me, has great value to be on his satellite radio pay per view show this month as the cake farting girl.  Show time Monday, September 15, 2008 aired 8:30 AM EST in New York. Howard Stern does everything for money.  I will have over 8 million viewers eeking out ----LAUGHING as I fart on a birthday cake.  If you think that is weird the cake farting how about the freak who swallows Barbi Doll heads, expels them and rewashes them. He bits the head off of the doll and swallows it.  Whatever gets R nut right.  In my cam show I had a slave come over and before he was on the show I farted on his birthday cake and gave it to him.  HA HA HA ---- Do a google search for Zoe Zane cake farting girl----hey THANK YOU for the neg comments about cake farts  U ROCK

Huggies Zoe Zane and we need to get goofy and laugh and have lots of fun.  You have made my day baby cakes  ha ha ha ha ha laughing

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