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Adventures fo the Howard Stern Show--into New York and OUT!!!!

Into New York to Howard Stern Show and OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
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It was great fart footage----------------------yes indeed. It may of been more than 6 farts. IT WAS A LOT OF FARTING. Stern has some of the most original farting for cake farts on the whole planet. I DID IT---I made it happen! woohooooo Better than XM Radio (Opie & Anthony) they did it before I went on Stern, BUT, all in ALL, my appearance on the HS Show was a very very huge success. Howard Robin Will and the whole crew will remember Zoe Zane and her funniness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is very powerful, I made them all laugh and I HAD a great time doing it. THAT makes me really IN-joy of every-thang!

I am going through a lot of emails and getting rested UP. A lot of people made this happen for me. Thank you Mr B, my driver and bodyguard raised in Brooklyn NY and my darling, wonderful Moon AynjL http://www.southern-charms4.com/moonaynjl/main.htm and her furry loves in Long Island. Moon on TAC http://tacamateurs2.com/milfmoonaynjl/home.shtml
Moon AynjL is a true New Yorker, a very tuff MILF. She has survived breast cancer, does psychic readings and cat rescue in Long Island. She is currently building her new web site for psychic porn http://moonangel.net/. I love my darling Moon---thank you thank you thank you so much for assisting me and guiding me through New York to the Stern Show. I could of done Stern all alone, but I needed Moon's guidance and support. My experience at the Howard Stern Show would of been way different IF I went alone. Moon AynjL, my NY Porn producer sidekick, psychic reader helped me make the Howard Stern Show bee WAY BIG------ and OUTRAGEOUS. TY Moon AynjL and Mr. B for the hours you spent helping me get to the Howard Stern.
Moon AynjL and I drove out of NY after the Stern Show by ourselves with her Magellan Roadmate 6000T Sat Nav System. We did it and it was very intense going through time square out to Long Island. I makes me a New Yorker now? I think SO! I survived the hugeness of New York. I love New York.
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