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Moon AynjL and Zoe Zane on Howard Stern Show - her live journal blog

Moon AynjL's live journal blog Howard Stern Show in NY


When my girlfriend from Cali Zoe Zane from http://www.zoezane.com/ called and said she was going to be on the Howard Stern show Monday Sept 15Th, I had no problem escorting her there, since I'm a strong islander and know Manhattan a bit...better with my gps...lol...anyway, in my experience on the web thur all these years I have found that people in general are so full of shit and I believed that Zoe really did get this info, I was questioning the person who gave it to her. They had emailed me as well to join her there. That very same weekend there was an exxxotica adult convention in Edison NJ. The punks in Secaucus, Meadowlands to be exact, didn't want to deal with us. Liquor license problems? Who knows...so they thought they were pulling the plug when Edison came up and became reality. I have always wanted to attend one of these, but because there are no amateurs around me that I could go with, I've sort of been at a stand still. I almost brought my mom to one in Vegas...but never made it there. I finally got my new biz cards to bring. I had them created with 2 sided to show off my new personal website that's under construction http://www.moonangel.net/ besides my Southern Charms site http://www.moonaynjl.com/ PLUS, I am now going to take my knowledge and gift of reading these special guardian spirit cards to all my fans and members and newbies that come along. I even created a site for that too!! http://www.mysticmooneyez.bravehost.com/ was done all by myself!!! So if u are interested there are a number of ways u can contact me. I will even take the whole thing on the road so I can be available almost all the time!! Anyway back to the whole Zoe Zane crazy weekend.... when we got to exxxotica Zoe and I had to change into something hot and sexy. I will post pictures of that soon...We stayed together and met so many sweet people and told everyone about Zoe and how she planned to fart on a cake for Howard. We spent all weekend there driving back and forth from strong island to NJ---about 2 hours each way, at least...I go thur so much for my fans!!!! It was exhausting but exciting!! On Sunday we were running very late but did finally get back there (next year I'm getting a room nice and close) anyway Zoe and I dressed up in a sexy ballerina outfit and a cupie doll---with her pink wig we got so much attention. It was like I was her shock feet sidekick and I was fine with that...she was planning to drag me onto Howard's show as her "east coast porn producer and personal psychic card reader"---which is true, but I really just wanted to say hello and get his autograph. After hearing Howard since NBC days and watching him on channel 9 in NY, I know Howard and I have no idea what he might say about me being a breast cancer survivor and an amateur porn star.....adding that to cake farts. It just wasn't going to work for me. I liked the idea of getting Zoe there and the whole entire energy and experience would be incredible. So after the Sunday exxxotica closed up we went back to Manhattan and got the penthouse suite in Radio City Apts. She told me that we were having a special party that night to celebrate her NY arrival. Zoe had never been to NY. I wanted her to see it all. I did get her to ground zero. She got to see the statue of liberty, I even got lost driving around Manhattan to leave to go home and ended up at the foot of the empire state building plus she saw the Atlantic ocean from eastern long island. W H E W---- that was a hell of a trip. Back to her party, it consisted of some of her and my fans and we all got to know each other, and play around a bit... I didn't expect a gang bang!! I have videos and pictures of me with one of the guys that was so sweet. I couldn't help but grab him and suck on him. The next day was the day of the Stern show, we couldn't sleep all night and had to be there by 7:30AM. I wore my red thigh high boots along with my short sexy red PVC dress. Zoe was a french maid.. We got to the building and the security was so tight. But it was OK. They expected us, inspected us!!!! eek! LOL,----- we went thru so many guards and finally made it to the Sirius radio station's floor where Howard was everywhere...so everyone on that floor could hear his show. I didn't know at that point if I was going to go into the studio with Zoe but it was ok. I was there, I felt all the energy and the excitement. I got to see Robin quivers a few times walking around(she is sooooooo freakin hot and beautiful!!! and lookin great!!!) I saw the rest of his crew as well...from where I was in Howard's greenroom, I could see Howard for a split second. but again that was ok with me. Zoe was brought into the studio where she just went totally zaney and did her thing. go to http://www.howardstern.com/ and look into their archives for Sept 15Th. That's where u can find her antics. Howard loved her so much he said he had not seen anything as funny as her in a long long time and that he loves this girl and wants her back. Hell, I WILL bring her back. Eventually, maybe they will let me say hello to him. That's all I really want anyway for Howard to say hello to me in person on his studio. She was so good when she left his studio, she was covered with whipped cream and god knows what else. At that point I accompanied her to the ladies room. The cameras following and I helped clean her up the two of us talking to the cameras. I believe that part should appear on Howard's ppv TV. I had to sign releases so that's what I figured it was for...so that's all for now. I will try to get back here again sooner. There's a lot going on in my personal life. I'll go into next time when I have more info. so for now...HOWARD!!! THANK U SO MUCH FOR SIGNING MY BOOK!!! I love u man!!! U respected my friend and appreciated her for being her!!! She is one fucking funny porn queen and should be recognized for that... I want to see that dream come true and I think it just might...I would be honored to be her freak fetish sidekick anytime...xoxoxoxo moonaynjl
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