zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Zoe Zane inspired Will the farter to fart on his birthday cake


Will the Farter stopped by to celebrate his birthday and Howard immediately asked if Will still regretted his one-time turn as a porn star. Will admitted he more than regretted it – he also regretted putting up bail for his porn co-star, Kissy Kapri. A post-jail Kissy never paid him back monetarily, or, as promised, by performing at his buddy's bachelor party. Will then said he now wanted to make money by doing stand-up – possibly opening up for Artie.
Will claimed his act would consist of blowing darts out of his ass to pop balloons, adding that his ass-darts' trajectories had a margin of error somewhere between 3 and 30 feet and could kill someone. Howard explained that these were the reasons he wouldn't allow the stunt to be performed in-studio – and then turned to Artie to see if he would allow the potentially-fatal act at one of his shows. Artie said he'd be willing to book Will once, and the two came to some sort of an agreement.

Zoe Zane her comment---now this is getting out of hand Howard,  HA HA HA 
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