zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Zoe Zane and Howard Stern SHow September 15, 2008


gless porn star, Zoe Zane (she’s 61), stopped by because she wanted to “sit on a birthday cake and fart on it.” When she let a test fart out, Will Murray, who had been holding the microphone for her started to complain about the smell. Zoe said she also worked as a dominatrix.
Zoe said she got into porn about 10 years ago and some of her kids know what she does, but none of her grandkids do. She said the current fetish she gets a lot of requests for is “cake farts.” Zoe explained she was married for 17 years to a Mormon bishop and had 7 kids with him, but left because she needed more sex than he could give. Following her life story, Zoe squatted over a strawberry birthday cake and was able to squeeze off 6 messy farts. Howard noted that the icing actually went up her ass and then got “blown out” when she farted. After telling a story about a client who held a wine enema for two hours, Zoe proclaimed she was not voting for Sarah Palin.


HowardTV’s Richie Wilson asked Zoe if she wanted to sit on the Sybian while they hit her with whipped cream pies. Zoe immediately said, “Oooh! Sploshing! Sure!” While the guys got Zoe ready for her Sybian ride, she let out another fart, which even she remarked smelled really bad. After some difficulty getting situated, the Sybian started and the pies began to fly...and quickly knocked Zoe’s wig off. Everyone was laughing so hard they had to end the Sybian ride.

Howard thought the sight of Zoe without her wig, covered in icing and whipped cream was one of the funniest things he’d seen in a long time. After someone mentioned Robin’s habit of taking coffee enemas, Zoe quickly seized on the idea, saying it would be great for her dominatrix business: she takes a coffee enema and then blasts it on her client. As Zoe got up to leave, Howard laughed as a clump of whipped cream dripped down her leg and Zoe let out one final blast that Will gagged was the worst one yet.
When I first viewed the write up on the Howard Stern Show I thought it was only 5 pics but there were 10 pics in all.  WOW!  Howard Stern loved me on his show doing my show in front of millions Zoe Zane zoblog


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