zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

My new studio

Better organized, efficent, closer to home, in a place I adore. I am out of the old studio and into the new one. I made my mind up to make this move my exercise program. I am at a regular schedule with Bikram yoga. Last night the room was packed with 50 people sweating. The instructor is usually hardcore and left the door open most of the time. I was right in front of the door. It was a bit cold.....burrrrrrrrrrrrrr for me, but I was not complaining.
The sun falls on the windows side in the summer which makes the room hotter. San Jose Bikram is rocking. The instructor does the triathlon. He is a bit stern I might say. I wonder if he is ticklish???

I am sitting here in the new place and love the breeze flowing through the windows.

I have been extra horny lately. Cyber is out of town at business school in Austin, Texas. I just found out how to train your lawyer. Sounds good? Wanna know?
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