zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Last night I did my cam show early

BC on Friday I am getting 3 new kittens(my cam show is on Sat at 9 AM PST.  Back to normal next weekend.) As I write the 3 kittens are in the car with my stripper daughter and baby daughter.  The kittens ar in gud hands.  Tonight, will be family night for dinner.  Last night in my cam show I was wild and silly showing off my stretched ass and playing with my pussy.  At the end some viewers wanted me to get a carrot from the fridge and put it in my ass.  NO CARROT!  I found a bag of dried prunes and placed them near my ass and THROW them out towards the camera. HA HA HA I did that several times.  Flinging prunes from by butt---too funny.  Now, that I appeared on the Howard Stern Show people are starting to get me.  Pic is the 3 kittens sleeping with lots of TLC.  Zoe Zane zoblog


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