zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

What fear did to my life

When the old boyfriend left me I did not get on the lease for the porn studio.  I was too afarid someone would know what I was doing.  He was the only one authorized to let anyone in the studio 4 anythang.  NOT ME!  So when he left I could not have the studio serviced if something broke.  There were other reasons why I did not get on the lease.  I was so stupid in FEAR.  Anxiety, panic, judgment stopped me from my good.  After the dishwasher broke, the management knew I was in the studio and not on the lease.  I paid the rent with my name on the ALL the checks.  The owners will take the money from anyone.  I KNEW THAT!  But if you are not on the lease you must qualify to get on the lease. It was like buying a house in this 2009 market.  I 'm self-employed, not enough $$$ showing --- make more $$$ take more deductions.  I paid the whole time when I was in the other studio and can pay for the new one. Anyway, the boyfriend is out of the country and will not help me.  I am so fucked.  SO I had my daughter who is out of state apply to get on the lease with me.  She knows what I do and supports me.  We both have good credit and now enough $$$.  BUT---- when one of the assistant mangers talked with my daughter about her job she thought my daughter was going to leave her out of state job and move here.  LOL.  Now we must have a document from her employer stating my daughter's job is secure when she travels to California.  WE DID IT.  We are in and the studio is ours.  What an ordeal to get a studio in San Jose, California.   WHEW!!!  Zoe Zane zoblog

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