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Dance with the Tribal Queen - southern charms update

Tribal Queen Southern Charms
I love the tribal queen.  When I dance on a techno dance club floor, I tap into her.  I bring her down through myself and let myself go.  Update on Southern Charms, target date, is Monday, the day after Mother's Day.  I've hated this holiday for years, but this weekend I will love this day.  Being a Mormon Mom was extremely difficult for me.  It took about 10 years for me to hate Mother's Day.  When I left the Mormon church, I went to sin city "Las Vegas" and went freakum wild.  All those years of men controlling me was enough!  I dominated a corporate Boss Man, a cross dresser in a Vegas hotel on Mother's Day.  It was SO refreshing to be a bad Mommie.  HA HA HA
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Tags: mature milf southern charms domination
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