zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Yoga class

I write about things that are hard for me to do or things that get on my nerves. I am tired of hiding. It gets lonely. Shop talk with friends who have similar issues sucks for they are fucked up. So I blog???

Yoga class last night was packed again with about 50 people. I was way in the back sweating like a piggy and felt crowded by this girl in front of me. I don't care anymore. It is hard enough to do the class and now it is so crowded the 6:30 PM class in the summer. LOL. The teacher has the cutest body like an dancer and she is very cute with blonde braids. I like her. Many of us are becoming sweater warrior friends.

Unpacking still and I am getting tired of this. Things to do today: send tax preparer his fee, set up new phone line, turn off power to old studio, do updates and fuck someone? YES!
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