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Move to new house

The second move is beginning and I still have not finished the 1st move. My girlfriend is moving into also. LOL. Good changes. I had some homemade strawberry smoothie this morning and hubby's dick. The new girlfriend DD Dana is hot. It makes us all hot to have sex. I like to hear her moan. Our plan, hubby bring her over and she does not know I am coming over to take pics of them fucking. I like the expressions of the faces of them when I catch them. I wish I captured the expression on hubby's face when my crazy sister walked into my Dad's house when they were fucking in the backyard. It makes me laugh so hard to see Cyber's face in surprise when he thought my sister saw them. She is too crazy to see what they were doing. REALLY! She did not see them at all. POSITIVE DEVIANTS RULE...that's me. zoblogs

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