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Crazy wild lately for Miss Zoe

My cam show is back up, been out of the groove, I'll get it back.  I talked with my #1 moderator for my Yahoo Group.  We will get my HD camera set up for the new nylon girdle stocking videos, I'll be making for myself and ffstockings.com
My stripper daughter talked to me last night, in 2 hours she cleaned up several lines of code with errors for her JAVA class.  She was so punch-ie she talked about tagging out computers at the hospital where she has a part time job.  Then she went to her nail art for geeks, and made me into the FEM DOM who sexs out geeks. I've been sexing geeks for the past 10 years in Silicon Valley.  Nothing new, THEN we both went silly tieing them up with computer cords.  LOL.  We were laughing so hard I was crying tears.  She and I are so creative together.  She will be down for Folsom Street Fair.  We will own the streets of San Francisco together.  Tomorrow morning, I'll drive over to Santa Cruz to visit my new friend, Miss Jaeleen Bennis who created Bondassage. I'm hanging out by the ocean, will talk about decorating my living spaces for high tantric energy.  Great news, happy friends are leaving my space to a world of bliss.  I'm excited, I can make myself levitate with THEM.  Old freinds will receive the benefit of my Bondassage friends that are heading my way.  I followed my instincts, the magic is back into my life.  After the OB left me over 3 years ago, I had to pull myself together to my new state of happiness, injoy and ecstatic blissful fun.
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