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I need funny - only 10 more days left for 60 challenge

I miss the wild days of amateur porn.  I miss Sexy Miss Lizz, our crazy ways.  I miss Kitty Foxx. We made granny gang bang porn movies in Las Vegas.  You can count on change.  That's what is happening in my life - change.  I'm writing an article about the "The Good Guy"  in the underworld.  It will be done in the next 30 days.  With the slow economy, it's over the top with bad boys who are liars.  I'm so bored and their lies.  I've has men call themselves dogs.  Their nuts rule their minds.  Their dicks make them lie.  One of my close male friends wants to read about good guys.  Good, hum?  OK.  It will be a short article about 10 good guys. 

Wear your blue sunglasses to yoga Zoe:  I won't talk to anyone in the studio.  I'll wear my sunglasses.  My heart, my spine and everything else is wide open.  I only want to hear positive from me, myself and I.

Today, I got this phone call from one of the live cam girls.  Her name is Julie Valentine 69.  All those years putting out on camz (did I give credit to camz --- NO).  One day the free live cams shows were gone.  How did she and I miss the loop message?  We were doing weekly shows.  Then Julie's site hosted on camz was gone.  It hurt Julie to not be there anymore - not even a notice or a warning from camz.  All she heard - this excuse, that excuse.  There might be a 20% chance her site is on the server.  All those years performing as a amateur Internet star.  GONE.  zoe zane
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