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Only 9 more to go and this weird request

I missed a day of Bikram, Thursday, what a blessing ---  whew --- ah oh hufffing and puffing --- ((((($ & @ ### ...();;;;.... grr --- overload on Bikram yoga freaks your mind.  I've never been in this place in the past.  Some of my yogi girlfriends noticed I miss the sweat.  I'm not going to let their thoughts get to me.  Other yogis have seen the stress on my face.  Oh no.  This is not gud Zoe.  No no no --- for over the edge.  This morning I looked at myself in the mirror.  My skin is sucking up they way I want it to suck up.  Skin takes forever to suck up after you lose weight.  OFM!  I asked the manager of Bikram if I could start my challenge from Jan 6 instead of the offical date, Jan 7.  He told me to go for it and not worry what day I started.  That was the kindest thing anyone could tell me at this time.  So positive.  People in the room think I've done a "60 day challenge" ever year.  That's not true, that's the gossip of the studio about Zoe.  My new door man:  some macho male I wrote OFF, cannot stand, opened up the door for me.  I will let him be a polite little man.  I hope the yoga is pushing him down to little manhood.  He blew me off when I was friendly Zoe.  He's my door man for-ever.  It will take more than a million jesters to get on my good side after what he did.  Do I care.  No.  He's just another macho MTFER that needs to be humbled by the heat of Bikram.  HA! ....flip off my birdy finger at him, you arrogant man bitch.
Last night on my cell phone:  Mistress I want to be your phony boy.  I'm down town San Jose.  Can you pick me up?  What the fuck!  How arrogant to even ask.  I told him he was not submissive, just a smart ass.  Oh one other thing, Mistress --- can you bite me?  I like to be biten.  Oh... don't get me in that direction.  I told him to get his own phony gear.  What a dumb pony --- he was doing free phone sex with me.  Why did he not have a car? Loser.  What a loser to ask to me to pick him up.  Guys like this want to get a rise out of you.  I keep quiet, go for the kill when they're not ready.  Play the game with Miss Zoe, be humiliated. 
One other note about my fetish slaves:  I show each one of them the tree switches brought in by Buttercup.  Now, other slaves go out to their backyards cut off switches with sharper edges.  The slave comes in knowing the tree switch has sharp spikes.  He gets nervous.  He does it to himself knowing I will give it to him,  Buttercup, see what you go started with tree switches.  You have gud little balls for your Diva, Buttercup,  dem tiny little LLBs.  Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

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