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You are kidding me

Last night just before yoga class, only 6 more days to go, one of the yoga teachers told me she was once Mormon.  OMG.  Then the teacher of the class is still Mormon.  OFM!  It was tripping in my brain the entire class.  I wanted to run from the room.  LOL. How can a Bikram yoga teacher still be Mormon?  The word Mormon is pain to my brain.  Yogis hardly wear any clothes in class.  Something is out of alignment.  After class the teacher Jill asked me if I was okay?  Why did she do that?  I didn't ask.  The last remanding days of Bikram, I will not talk to anyone before and after class.  I'm on overload with what comes my way.  I must remember the yoga studio/room is ---- a dungeon of fires for Zoe.  W H A T the UCK!

I want a lie or bullshit detector. Now for something stupid interesting:  a guy contacted me, he served a Mistress.  He posted a big long list of what he did with her.  I must make sure he is serious BC he phone number was long distant.  He did as I asked.  He was out of work but financially secure.  His reason for being in town, he was house sitting a friend's house.  Okay.  That doesn't make any sense about his money.  I tested him.  At the end, he said, I was ignorant, but would not be rude to me.  Calling me ignorant is rude dude.  He had a weird name "T Eros".   I called him on it.  He was all huffy in my face. He said he was a slave but not submissive.  Hugh?  WTF  I said he hated women and below is what he send back to me in email.  Big black bold letters BITE ME!  What do you think?  Is he a slave or submissive at all?  What a rude man bitch that dislikes woman.
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