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Only 2 days left for Bikram yoga challenge - HELP!

San Jose Bikram Yoga has aggressive A type personalities (owner and most teachers)

If you can take the torture of Bikram yoga, you'll love life @ 90.  It's torture time 2012 San Jose Bikram.  The teachers were ordered to sharpened up their memorized dialog.  LOL.  They're on edge.  The new studio is huge, a big change. And, this 60 day challenge is pushing out mad in the hot room.  Body cell tissues are dumping crap held in for years. LOL LOL LOL  I have a head shrink through all of this.  Help me, Mommie.  If you escaped the hate of our war world, I pray I meet you some day.  Did I find you in a cave?  The A type teacher who travels was in my face last night.  I flipped her the bird, both hands, more than once.  She was leaving class 15 minutes early to the New Yoek yoga competition with the owne.  What a biOtch to leave the room before the end of class.  Rule:  You're not to leave the room.  HA HA HA  I feel the owner must fake happy during 69 day challenge.  Better to run away from her studio.  I'm glad Zoe is not a owner of a Bikram studio.  Many studio owners are A type aggressive and over worked humans.  I long to feel some compassion from one of the teacher.  There are a  few.  Not many.  The Bitch Teachers: I figure they got shit too.  Need to get laid?  Good idea.  You know Zoe, she tells it like it is.  The teacher last night (still has a saggy butt - what is up with her butt) thinks she's a God, I don't like her.  She's off the love list.  I have 2 more days, I'm finished.  Oh God help me!  Mother Mary help me.  Legends of angels help me.  Holly Hitler teaches Sunday night which is day 59.  I don't want to end my challenge with Holly.  Monday night is the last day. I'm sorry that I'm not rosy positive and filled with La La for Bikram.  Whocares.  It's torture.  In class there are rainbows reflecting off the corners of the mirrors. I focus on the rainbows.  I held the light of one rainbow in my right hand last night.  So lovely the colors.

RESULTS --- if you want a better life when over 70 go to Bikram.  You'll be dancing around the planet when everyone is moving OLD.  I'm in my grip and complain mode, only 2 more days left.  It's not becoming of your Zoe girl, but it's real.  What a way to get respect.  I need dark chocolate everything right now.
This morning I let the 3 boy cats out.  They're so beautiful.  I wake up with cats sleeping all over me.  New names for the boys, Peanut Jr. is Peanut Butter and Jam, Chubs is Hug Boy, and Buddy is Purr Man. 

Peanut Butter and Jam
Hug Boy
Purr Man
I had to dump my cat's original name BC Google is now tracking all our information.  I don't want my close family to be associate with Zoe Zane.  I cleared out my Google history, names of cats.
Google is the big bitch on the Net 2012 - righ now google is zoe zane's enemy!
Working on update for www.zoezane.com today.  Soon I will have my life back.  Yesterday, my 2 daughters got the keys to the new house.  I'm injoy. I'm getting them away from their Dad who is a woman hater.  He can keep his gross toes nails and dirty toilets for himself.  My girls have a new life. woo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some guy called me on the phone today.  He asked me if I spoke Spanish.  I said no.  He called me lazy.  What?  Now I'm the lazy one who was born in America.  I went to college and don't speak Spanish.  Now, I'm expected to speak Spanish when he does not speak English.  WTF!
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