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Tonight after day 58 bikram yoga challenge

My girlfriend, a new teacher was asked to fill in the 4:30PM class.  She didn't want to teach and get "evil snarling looks" from people in the room.  I don't blame her for taking class.  Tonight, is the frist time I felt cool air flowing in the room.  The fans were turning with cool air.  Are they getting the room right?  OMG.  It was so wonderful.  About 3/4 into the class, I felt cooler.  OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some gud news:  My stripper daughter got her Dad, the woman hater to pull up carpet in the new house in Cali-Tah.  She got her Dad to be her bitch.  I love it!   Even though it might take some green to make this new house work, my x- Mormon HB, not much of a man was my slave today.  LAUGHING OUT LOUD!  He's paying me back for all the the hate he dumped on me. 

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