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Chilling out last 3 days from Bikram yoga 60 day challenge

This last yoga challenge pushed me over my edge.  I'm chilling.  I'm not sure where my yoga practice is going.  I need to tell the manager that the room is over the top 4 hot.  If the owner doesn't listen to me, I will leave the room and go back in.  I must save myself .  I have never left the room for eight years. Taking care of yourself is the most important.  I don't want to hate doing Bikram yoga.  Right now, Bikram is hate.

Last night. the slave who wants to be picked up called me again.  He needs to be a pony boy.  WTF.  He hired a cab driver but was too late.  This male is spoiled rotten.  It will be interesting to see where it goes.  Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond http://www.stardomtheatre.com
Tags: male slave domination

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