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He took the abuse on my phone

This mumbo jumbo dick wipe who likes to waste your time took it from my lips.  I called him stupid, dumb, an idot, a liar, a loser and he stayed on the phone.  I told him if he wanted me to beat him it would be 1000.  He did not listen, he thought it was for 5 hours.  I told him to mail me the money.  I gave him the address.  He wrote it down wrong like I thought he would.  He just took it over and over my words of abuse and humiliation.  It made me laugh hard.  Called him desperate dick wipe.  LOL.  I did not care what he thought.  What a dumbo.  Diva's phone abuse to a stranger who keeps calling her. 
Another guy who lost his brain called this morning asking if I was available.  I acted like I could not hear him on my cell phone.  I keep telling him I could not hear him over and over and over again.  He called 5 times.  The last time I did not even talk to him.  Guess what brainless, my phone does not hear you.  S I L E N C E from my phone, no Zoe on the other end.  Daw daw do do bye bye Mr. Retard.  This recession has created phone callers who'll do anyhing for attention. 

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