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My mail was shredd to pieces - LOL.

Up early to the dentist (got tips from my dentist how to get out of jury duty - whew).  We were all laughing our faces off at 8AM PST.  He gave me the best tips.  Dropped off taxes, I'm cool.  Went for haircut, I look better.  It's over due a better do.  OFM and my mail.  Went to drop off mail @ my Business Post Office Mail Drop Box.  I placed mail in slot, I watched it get cut to pieces.   zzzzzzz zzzz zz  zzzzzzzzz zzz  z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  zzz zzzzzz zz zz zzzzz  zzzz ---- oh no, my mail is shredd up.  Called companies for addresses to mail again.  Verizon assistant was laughing,  She never heard that one before. My sister laughed and said I'm fried.  I think she's right.  LOL.  Mail got shredd, my fried brain, Zoe Zane

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