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What a pain in the ass - selection for jury duty

Up to a jury waiting room, scared, then called to court room for selection.  The female judge, she's cool, fair and nice smile.  Over 75 people in selection process. Some don't speak English, wasting the court and my time.  I guess their friends don't speak English, didn't check the box - no speak English.  Then, there are sick people pushing walkers, on SS, where's the doctor's release?  WTF.  More time wasters.  I can see I will be excused since I'm self-employeed, it's a hardship to be in trial for two weeks.  Crimes were commited, they got away, still upset, the system does not work.  I will be unfair.  Some people know the police (personal friends) and want to be on a jury.  YES, they can be fair.  There are people who long to be on a jury, begged the judge --- let me be one please!  They want to make their vote count.  I watched the two court cops.  First cop was seemed level headed.  The other cop, a cowboy, gabbed his gun, getting off on it.  I'm the court's bouncer.  Look at me, see me strut. LOL.  Today, I'm in a third world JD selection process.  God bless the female judge and me.

Zoe Zane
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