zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

The trip to Utah was wacky off the planet for me

Mormonville was insane for me. At the family reunion my hubby's kids acted strange, like shut off and seem to run away from me. Juggling two divorced families, where is a model to make this work better? No where! His X WIFE the bitch from HELL showed up and his kids were freaking out. Her mission is: to poison everything in path. She is 5 feet tall 300 lbs and full of shit. Get the pic! The night before the X and some of her kids made jewelry. The kids told the her I was not coming. When they passed out the necklaces I did not get one. They knew I was coming but told the "X" a different story. I just figured this out this morning. I was hurt and left out. I got caught up in all of it again. NOT NEXT TIME! There will not be a next time. IDEA??? Humm how about give me one and make another one for one of the kids? I just figured that one out. So I took one and then the X left a nasty message that one of her kids would not get one. Now I see the picture. The kids were so stresses out over us being together they lied to both of us. HUM? Okay. The X is still from Hell and wants to fight, the fat bitch, & make it miserable for everyone. When do you let it go. It is like over 17 years of this. Oh well, just keep killing yourself baby with your anger! Besides she has a gay boyfriend that if they get married she inherits a lot of money. But she will not do that either. She sluts around with married men, gives drugs to her kids and then turns on them. Crazy MANIAC bitch whore!
Then my stripper daughter brings my X preacher husband to the reunion. She is still trying to get us together after how many years??? Like, 22 years. I divorced him when I was 37, I think? It was a fearful time for me to get out of the Mormon church. He was such a prick then, now he sits in his Syracuse, Utah backyard with his chickens and ponders the scriptures. LOL. He is in to enjoying life which is gud. The sleeping arrangements were awful, my daughter keep jerking all night long. I finally went to the couch even though 5 cats are living in the house. I just pushed them away. I told the X, and he offered his bed next time. You whacked OUT dumb fuck. His sex flirts are so weird as always! When I was married to him he did the most subtle sex passes. LOL. I had to use a dictionary to figure out what he was trying to tell me. On Sunday I was sitting in a chair with my 2 daughters amd the X watching chickens, cats and birds fly around, out to garden and bee hives. He's intention, to live on a farm when he retired. LOL. So a female porn producer is getting hit on by a farming religious fanatic. He always came onto me in weird ways. Do I want to? Like he turns me on. NO! I need to flash my boobs at him. That would get a rise out of my last baby girl who went on a mission for the Mormon church, now 25. I write about this because it really tilted my chakras.......hahahaha. Today is Thursday 07/13/06 and I am getting over this.
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