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Miss Nicotine

After Sunday's fun photo shoot (went wild and crazy in photo shoot - out of the box pictures.sunglasses, feet, smoke, school teacher's foot sock tease) with Mr. "MLLM" (movie lover like me) my fingers smelled like nicotine.  Why do I smell like an ash tray?  The more I worked at my desk the more I smelled like cigarette smoke.  My baby sister called wishing me a Happy Easter Bunny Day.  I told her how I smelled.  She said that maybe I need to turn over my keyboard and shake it.  WOW!  There are ashes on my computer desk.  HA HA HA.  I guess during my live cam show on iFriends - Saturday morning at 9AM PST, I dropped cig ash on the keyboard.  As I typed, I smelled like Miss Nicotine Fingers.  HUM?  I bet one of my fetish "smokerella" woshipping smoke slaves would love to suck on all my nicotine fingers.   Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond
Pictures of don't act your age cam show and Sunday freakum photos will be posted later today. 
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