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Rebel and unconventional, thatz me - Sex Education by Zoe Zane

I've missed the boat until today.  It's a bad habit to hide yourself.  It comes from how I was raised, a good Mormon girl.  Never seen, never heard, never acknowledged.  Where have you been Zoe on sex education?  You have all these degrees and hiding your knowledge.  WTF girl.  I'm giving myself a slap on the ass today.  If Miss Zoe is to help the world she can't do it under a rock.  There's a huge need for men to know how to treat women.  Porn movies, they aren't the answer.  I watched Nina Hartley on You Tube for sex education.  I love it.  I connected my youtube, facebook, twitter, into one bundle today.  Where have you been girlfriend?  I need not be so hard on myself.  Okay.  Giving myself a big huge.

As said before, porn movies are to stimulate and excite, mostly the male.  But more and more women are viewing porn.  What you see in porn is not real.  It's hardcore, not what great sex is about.  We learn by watching.  Porn is not the best mentor for sex education.  So...

It starts with your mouth ---

Younger men 18 to 39:
Brush and floss your teeth (clean your teeth, go to the dentist, your mouth is where it starts) if you want to be kissed.  If you know you're going out on a date, don't eat onions or garlic, bad breath baby.  Use mints or something if you are overly concerned. 

Men 40 and up:  When you hit forty take care of you dick's health.  Do yoga, exercise please.  Yoga is the best since it  rids your body of inner toxins and tension.  Toxins and tension create bad breath/health.  Even if you did yoga 2 times a week that is better than zero.  If you think yoga is for sissies and girls, think again.  Yoga makes men into sexy warriors.  I know men who smell like death in their living bodies.  Do a cleans, get ride of unwanted toxins in your body.  Nothing is worse that a body that smells like death from the mouth. It's smart to do little things along the way than a big overhaul.

Hey, my advise is straight from the hip.  AH..... what the heck, all of us had parents that collectivley told us
"brush your teeth".  When it comes to sex you want to be a sweet flower not a garbage can. 
Zoe Zane, your smart ass bitch sex teacher.  Artist John W Golden - HOUSE RULES

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