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Sex Teacher Tip - Monday

Read sex teacher blog entry by your sex teacher Zoe Zane
Make sure your private parts smell good.  Wash them and place hands over your private parts.  Smell your hands.  Make sure your hands smell good.  If your hand smells bad then rewash your private parts again.  Smell hand again.
If your hand smells yummy, you are good to go.

Today I did some intense writing on the set up man.  I found out I was on the money from another book on the Net.  WOW.  Will be watching cable TV tonight "The Killing"  I love a movie where you're wondering who is the killer.  It's getting juicy on AMC.  Today, I uploaded my first High Definition foot video on http://www.dailymotion.com/zoezane#video=xq6dqf

I'm sure Sexy Miss Lizz will be happy with new traffic.  Miss Lizz is on daily motion and you tube. 

My favorite car right now:
zoom zoom
AudioR8 Spyder

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