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Sex Tip - You never win with the insecure

Don't tell your wildest friend what you do.  People always judge you even if you think you can trust them.  And --- your wild friends might be jealous of you.  They want to out do what you do. Let others talk about their wild sex first.  Then at least you know where they are coming from.  In my world even providers judge each other.  Sometimes others are on a power trip to out do you.  You'll never win with insecure people.  It's a losing game for both sides. If you are tuff enough to handle their crap then tell them.  But if you are not tuff enough keep your wild stuff with those you did wild with.

Today, it was a wild day for me.  I love talking dirty --- you little motherfucker stuff with wild friends.  We can be ourselves and let it go.  And, I'm not telling the world what wild I did with them.  Shocking.  Keep it private.

Now for some book wriitng.

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