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Sexy Miss Lizz message - I feel the overload too

I understand how you left your updates, the endless editing, photos, blogging --- and it goes on and on  ----  for a few days.  One of my yoga guy friends made the statement, "Zoe Zane is on all the time".  He was so on the money about that.  There are days, I want to scream and run to a beach, be my high school self again.  I want to be blank (my wrist, shoulder, brain hurts, too much computer).  But..... inisde I'm driven or is that addicted to porn.  Laughing.

Zoe Zane is on a porn mission. Sexy Miss Lizz is on a porn mission with me.

Yesterday, I took a walk on beautiful property in Los Gatos Hills, California.  Just down the hill I saw 2 deer eating.  I know who to hire to keep down the weeds.  HA HA HA  --- I love this location.  It has eucalyptus trees on the property.  My Mom and Dad were angry fighters at home.  I ran from their anger to the trees behind the house.  I was a happy girl outside with my eucalyptus trees. Yes, I know the trees kill everything underneath them, cause fires, and if you eat the plant you smell like a eucalyptus tree like a Koala Bear.  But Miss Zoe loves them and the trees make her happy.  I would have my own forest if I could.

Live cam show will be Friday at 9AM PST on iFriends.com.  Just this week baby cakes.

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