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ah what the hell.....

I can hold on for now till I decide what I must do to upgrade all my computers this year.  I will go HD for sure.  I stripped down my XP operating PCs only 16 GB (past 10 years).  Yesterday, my stripper daughter was laughing what I did to make my adult sites work.  Uploading dreamweaver, video converters for camera, photoshop. editing software - it goes on and on - it's a pain in my left brain node.  I will not panic like it did yeasterday and take my time.  Yoga helps me stay focused and centered.  It's not critical for Bondassage blogs.  Miss Jaeleen offered to post my blogs.  I have Mac.  Just have to learn MAC.  I'm going to the Internet School of hard clicks for "just a girl" who thought producing porn would be no big deal.  Ten years ago it was no big deal.  Today it's different.  Well -- it's a big deal, huge learning curve, shoulder and wrist does hurt at times which is right now.  I see I need help from a few I can trust and work with. Nothing is for free and my help will be rewarded by me.

Last night someone who wants to take photos of me took me to dinner.  Let's see where this goes.  I'm watching and it isn't the clock.  I will set the boundaries for this spiked heel and leg freak.  Men do whatever they can to get some of you.  BURB.

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