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Watching AMC "The Killing" series and rude boys

I feel asleep in parts of the show last night.  Stayed up to catch the parts I missed.  It's getting intense.  I think Holder the male detective might of been beaten to death.  It was left open last night.  He's a recovering meth user.  Oh bummer.  I like him although he smokes like a chimney.  Linden's son likes him.  This is so fucked up he might be dead.  He must be doing another movie somewhere else for the writers to kill him.  I'm ranting about his death today.  Still do not know if he is dead but it looked like it.  The cops at the Casino were beating him awful hard in the dark.  Linden could hear them beating him to death on his cell phone.  ---  just a nice thought .....I think he would be good in bed.  Just an observation.  He has a swag about him that I like.  Brilliant male actor, new  to Hollywood.
Rosie's step Dad is making the town cowboy up to her death.  Rosie is like the girl Zoey Zane who was really murdered a few years back.  The media had a hay day with Zoey Zane's death.  I remember, my traffic rank on Alexa was up to 25,000 "Zoe Zane"  in just a few days.  People out there thought I was dead.  It was inzane what her murder has done to my life.  Watching Rosie's step Dad mourn her death is like watching the Dad of Zoey Zane.  Her family had it hard since Zoey Zane had "no face" --- she was doing porn and they didn't know.  No face for Zoey Zane is not a good thing for a sex worker.  That's what happens to some sex workers who have no face.  They hide and get hurt and no one knows until they are killed like Zoey Zane and Rosie "The Killing".  Sex workers with no face is a terrible crime and it's going on this very moment.  I have the voice for the "no face" sex workers.

Now for something interesting, a sex tip.  Younger men who watch alot of porn with no interaction with girls ---beware of your negative words.  It gets you nothing.  No pussy.  If you meet a lady don't express your negative thoughts.  Don't tell a lady that her age is showing.  WTF.  Yesterday, I meet with some idiot who wants to help me with HD foot fetish videos.  He was rude with Miss Zoe telling her he thought she looked older than her pictures on the Net.  Then he said .... oh well it's just foot fetish video (shooting an older women sucks).  I looked him in the eyes, told him he was rude and  _______________________  He was shocked what I did to him.  You don't tell an infamous woman she looks old.  What a angry, rude, male.  I had to fight off his negative words all day long till I went to yoga.  One of my yogi girlfriends told me the rude boy is someone who steals your peace.  Don't let rude boys steal your peace.  He was paranoid to do the shoot outside but wanted me to do a foot job in her car.  - WTF -  No foot job for rude boy. - WTF - he even had the balls to ask for the foot job in the C A R - WTF - his dick was talking  - WTF - he will not succeed with his negative words and attitude in the porn business.  No pussy for rude boy!
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