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Car Whore

Watch out alert: there are certain men who smoother me with gush gush words and then want me to be their car whore ---- or this one, their parking lot whore (that's another story with another manipulator)  WHAT THE FUCK!  well well well - men who manipulate and lie are going to get it from G-Ma, Miss Zoe.  After the car whore experience on Sunday ---  I'm done.  I told one of my best-ever yoga girfriend ----  I can't take any more negative remarks from anyone.  I'm not sure what I'll do when neg hits me.  Those negative words are like" Rocky V" massive blows to my face.  The guy who wanted me to be his car whore.... snuck that one up on me during the HD video foot fetish shoot.  Sounds weird, I got upset since I do so many freaky things for my porn sites.  BUT HE ---  hit me with negative remarks from the beginning.  He told me what he was really thinking.  WHAT A STUPID FUCKER who is wanting to get his dick off with my feet.
  STUPID  stupid  S T U P I D
It's funny what I'm thinking .... what I could of done to freak the crap out of him.  He was paranoid, put your seat belt, oh there is a cop over there --- FREAK.  All I had to do is get out of his car and iPhone me ranting in the parking lot ----  I'm not you car whore!  Jumping up and down making a scene right in Silicon Valley Parking Lot.  That's a good one.  I like that scene.  He would of gone crazy.  HA HA HA  A grandmother ranting rap out in a parking lot on a iPhone.  Laughing.


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