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Cats and Miss Zoe this morning

It's beautiful in San Jose, Ca.  It will get up into the eighties today, turned on the air to keep the cats cool.  Chubs was meowing over and over to go outside.  Let them out, ate grass, back inside boys.  My three male cats love me so much.  Nice to come home to so much love day in and day out.  Peaceful is my house.

Yesterday, I spoke with a programmer who will help me with a major house cleaning for zoezane.com - When 90 years old, I'll be able to say I was an expert on driving traffic to websites.  One thing for sure, the Net is constantly changing and webmasters must keep up.  10 years ago it was so different producing porn.  I do think the audience whats to see the real thing, something edgy, spur of the moment content.  And the standard content will always be in, like heels, nylons, boots, panties and naked women.  Oh yes, tits, pussy and ass.
I read Sexy Miss Lizz's blog on Live Journal.  I miss her and Ashley Dobbs.  Ashley has the sexiest voice.  Lizz and I talked about her sexy voice.  During this recession several of my porn girfriends tweet me back.  It's very cool like xratedwife, ashleydobbs. sexymisslizz, juliaffstockings, samantha southern charms, and shugntexas.  I like how tweeter connects us.

This weekend will be laid back since it's Mother's Day.  I've been working way too much on the computer.  My wrist hurts by night time.  Yesterday, after talking with the traffic programmer, I went to refresh zoezane.com --- hit the clean up for html.  Then the page would not work right at all  - it was created by a rooker female webmaster 2002.  Saw a close friend, Quickly jumped on Dreamweaver, built a simple page.  I'm thinking .... a bigger picture for the index page.

 I've been dreaming about movie stars again.

The editor for my Live Journal doesn't work right.   Need to tell the teck department about it.  Forces me to be a better speller.

Off to the bank, then to a nursery to look at pretty plants.  I love big blue hydrangea plants.


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