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Monday at my screen, key word updating - I am blank!

It started with Whip, then Black, then "J" from the days of the big bubble in Silicon Valley.  Some people bring it all back.  Did update for Southern Charms, messy hair TV pictures.  Now for changing key words on the zoezane.com site.  I noticed I accidentally removed my fart video from Howard Stern Show.  OFM -  I replaced it with 4 vid pics and original video.  Then I saw what Naughty America affiliates/banners were doing to the page.  Can't have that going on.  LOL  Naughty America affiliate site/banners is very confusing.  Why so?  I thought they want to make money?  LOLAEBN - my video on demand site is very simple, I get it right away.  Naughty America needs to keep it simple.  I will talk with someone in charge.

Stalker report:  The "Professor" Stalker called me on Mother's Day, he's still in love with me, we have never meet.  WTF - He loves me and I wish he hated me.  I'm rude, tell him to F OFF and he dumps a VM on my cell.  He is MORE in love with me after me slamming his ears with rudeness.  WTF. On my cell phone he is Stalker P.  I told him it won't work, a n d ......he still c-a-l-l-s .....me.  He was destroying my peace on Mom's Day.  I opened up my cell, threw it in my purse.  I won't talk to him ever again.  I WILL NEVER MEET HIM NOT EVER!  He's an idiot.  He never listens to me, he wants me to dominate him.  ??? - LOL  - Some men are dick alive and brain dead.  The HD video guy for my feet, he's the same way.  He called yesterday, the HD vid is ready (only 3 mins - I know we filmed more minutes).  Zoe, what time is best for you on Tuesday?  I told him to call me at 10AM.  He said noon would be better.  Foot Guy:  Women are stupid, I never listen to them.  I only care about my needs,  I am self. Well well well - no feet or pussy for you.  Has no clue how to do anything and not humble.  I gave him the business address to send the HD vid.  He was shocked I had a business address.  This guy thinks I'm stupid unprofessional.  He thinks I don't have a brain.  I'm just running around "blank".  No wonder Stalker P and HD foot lover don't have ladies in their lives.  
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