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Salt bombs make a healthy mouth - Laughing

Ever since I had my braces taken off I've been dealing with my gums and teeth.  Words are very powerful.  The dentist told me I would not have any teeth BC of my gums.  For years I didn't floss and it finally caught up.  My gums went out of control when I divorced the woman hater from the Mormon Church.  Stress helps bacteria to grow biggger and take over.  eeK!  Today, I do this far out maintaining routine for my teeth and gums.  I'm detailed and diligent in my mouth everyday.  Two years ago I had bone replacement to save one one tooth by an old school gum disease doctor.  There are more happening gum doctors who use Lazar.  I found this out yesterday from my main dentist.  Two months ago I went over to old school gum doctor and the bone surgery area was infected.  OH NO!   I was very upset since I'm very detailed about my teeth and gums.  I got on-line for gums.  Read this, wash your mouth out with salt water and diluted hydrogen peroxide.  Make sure it's half water and HP because of the negative radicals on your gums.  I did my detailed gum routine for another two months.  Yesterday, I had my teeth cleaned by my regular hygienist, she was saying  - wow wow wow - what are you doing?  The salt water mouth risen worked and my gums are the best they have been for many years.  I feel so hopeful.  You can use 1 Tablespoon to 8oz of water for mouth wash.  Your mouth feels like the great salt lake but who cares.  It works great.  The salt rinse blows ups the infection in the mouth.  YES!  Salt bombs, makes healthy gum. 


HA HA HA - picture of my smile on today's update on Southern Charms

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