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What was Zoe Zane doing Sautrday - editing and uploading video

I did my free live cam show on iFriends.com this morning.  It was awsome.  I dressed up in expensive jewlery, my sexy mini skirt and top with fur coat.  Right now, I'm a smoking fool in live cam shows.  Last week I smoked a big vanilla cigar, this week some cigarettes.  How long I do my smoking ranks?  I'm not sure.  Posted video on Southern Charms, naked in my thigh high boots.  I uploaded some hardcore live cam sex with a black and white guy.  It's fucking video from my live cam shows on camz.  I'm fianlly getting to the edit of my wild sex on camz.  It brings back mixed emotions.  I will choose this, I used the men I fucked in my live cam show for my gain.  If I think what I don't have in my life it screws with my heart.  I used this one white male a lot in my shows.  He was using me too.  So instead of being a "cry baby" about what happened to me, I will turn it for my gain.  I USED HIM TO GET WHAT I HAVE TODAY.  You can be a victim or a winner.  I'm a winner. 
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