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Get myself off on a dance floor

I'm the moderator to Fantasy Playland on RB (redbook) --- must be invited to the forum

One of the guys wrote a story where I'm taken by topping females who I made mad.  I didn't follow their rule.  I must have THEIR permission to orgasm.  I didn't get their permission to get off.  Here is my response to their rules.................

well well well --------- since I know how to get tops attention by not following the rules, yes, I did get off kicking my legs back and forth like scissors ----- til I orgasmed.  I used to do this on the dance floor at Brigham Young University in my dance class.  I'm not making this up either.  While in class, I got off in front of eveyone and they didn't know I was cumming in my tight black leodards.  As a professional modern dancer at Brigham Young University, Zoe Zane orgasmed in class.  Here are some bad girl --- girl gone wild Zoe Zane pictures of the position of my legs.  I grew up as a tomboy and very strong.  I learned I could kick my legs back and forth to orgasm.  Smiles in my own juicy heaven.  Zoe Zane

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