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My many names

Sometimes I'm called bitch!  LOL.  I have to chuckle about that word, like the word "whore".  Both have emotion tied to the letters.  I do not but any energy on both words.  It is my shield from this world. I get these calls at night from a male groupies who hang out for support calling me whore and bitch on my cell phone.  Most people would be calling the cops or blocking their numbers.  I give them a dumb ass code name on my phone.  When they call me up I know it's a waste of my time to talk to them.  I get so bored being called a whore or bitch.  I like the word "Diva" which is elevating.  My names I use on a daily basis are Zoe Zane, Zoey Zane, kisszoezane, pinkzoezane, Diva Diamond, Fetish Diva Diamond, Diva, Bambi, Danae, Diamond, Miss L, bitch and whore.  HA HA HA  Why not make it complicated so the name callers get it wrong.  Laughing. 
I'm taking some time off from my computer since I overworked my right arm making changes to www.zoezane.com  Last night I was on overload, I could not get my video updates to www.zoezane.com right.  I shut the computer down and went home.  When you are fired you are fired.  Why fire more.  LOL.

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