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Sunday night with me

It's the night for rituals.  I watched the Swedish version -The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It's different from the American movie.  I understood the story with the subtitles.  Had my fattening potatoes with cheese dinner and lime cheesecake.  Might have it again tonight.  ah it vacation weekend --- why not.  If I go to Bikram it will be 6 times this week.  Even though my toe is broken, I've pushed on.  Sometimes I think I might have to do less yoga but for now I'm in the groove for a happier, sexier me.  I missed "The Killing" last night.  I must watch it today to keep up.  Yesterday, I was the lady who played with fire with a male sub.  We did it different this time.  I like how we did it.  HA HA HA

Soon, I will post about my sister who keeps calling me about her miserable life.  What I will tell her, how I'm sick of the story.

Saturday, I didn't do my live cam show.  I went on a tiny vaction with a close friend. It was long overdue my tiny vacation.  It was much needed. 

Picture I posted on Southern Charms site
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