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It's getting weird again - back into my cave

My sister hears my freaky stories from the underground.  She told me to talk into iPhone app.  My voice notes are interesting funny.  Do the calls scare me?  NO!  We laughed over the crazy callers.  It's getting weird again for Zoe Zane.  Sex makes people weird.  Rude statements directed towards my many personas is about themselves.  Did you get that?  What you see in others is in yourself.  Out of work, angry men are calling again.  eeK!  I must know when to drop the call.  When love goes bad it goes bad.  Bad love is bad and not wild bad.  Bad is bad.

I had a nice talk with my head shrink about phone callers.  I discovered, I'm aware that I'm allergic to diner booths.  You know the ones where you skoot in towards each other.  It comes from my childhood and Dad.  He cornered me at home all the time in our diner kitchen.  Dad hovered over me, smoothered me with his angry and critism..  I had an anxiety attack over the weekend.  The food was for gluttons plus the diner booth got to me.  No more diner booths for Zoe Zane when she eats out.  I will sit at a table with chairs. 
I, Zoe Zane has placed herself in the back right corner, my yoga cave at 4:30 PM PST.  The walls support me and no one can see what I'm doing.  Dealing with a broken toe "bummer time".  In the back, in the dark corner of the room feels safe.  I was able to get strong in many of my poses.  and... relieve the pressure off my pinkie right toe...whew ---  My toe is distracting me from the pouring down sweat on my face.  Who cares about the sweat Zoe.  Anyone in the room whose watched me can't do it now.  People watch the ones who are getting better in class.  It's taken 8 long years to get where I am today.  This broken toe is all I need right now.  I have finally conquered the heat of the room.  In the back, I have everyone's back.  HA HA HA --- Some Asian woman, who I've never spoke to tells me I was backing down in the poses.  WTF.  Yes,  I have!  My toe is broken b i O t c h.  I did not say bitch to her but thought it.  LOL.  I'm getting closer to the owner of the studio BC of my broken toe.  If I stay in the back corner, I will be silent strong.  When ready I'll come out of my cave.  They will not see me coming from the back corner.  Yes yes yes.  Silent and strong is the plan for Zoe Zane right now.

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