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Things are look up

I had a brute-force attack on my site yesterday with hundreds of emails from Strong Box.  Some guy is trying to get it for free after hacking into the site with hundreds.  This guy has tiny baall.  HA HA  HA --- I know men.  I will check one more thing today on CCbill.  I'm sure he's part of the brute-force attack.  Administration sucks, I'm the creative one.  It's clear where too much porn has gone.  The webmasters who set up porn hacking sites are making money.  I said this before and I will say it again.  LOL.

Last night in yoga class, I was late so I went to the other corner.  My toe is beginning to heal.  I feel it. 

My cats are freaking out meowing and running like wild fur balls in my house.  I need to let them outside for a few minutes.  Come on boys outdoor time!

Tags: brute-force attack cats yoga
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